FCUK and HMV victories!

Dec 6, 2013 by

We are so pleased to announce that in the last month alone, we have achieved two major successes!

HMV have removed all sexual posters from their range. There were around ten overtly sexual and explicit posters displayed next to Disney Princess, Moshi Monsters and One Direction! Following a lot of hard work and discussion, HMV agreed with Child Eyes that the display was entirely inappropriate and have removed from every store! People power. Thank you to all supporters who emailed and tweeted.


FCUK have removed their ‘Sketch to Store’ ad campaign from shop windows across the country. The Child Eyes team battled relentlessly to ensure that these very young, naked models did not continue to be displayed. The reason we did this was because the images we deliberately sexualised and some almost child like. Research into body image and school bullying shows that such images have a profound effect on youngsters. At first, FCUK told us that they were proud of the displays and that they deliberately pushed boundaries. Child Eyes supporters refused to accept this and tweeted and emailed furiously. FCUK finally agreed that their ads, while some were arty, we unacceptable on the High St. Well done all supporters.

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