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… campaigning to protect children from sexualisation and commercialisation

Every day children are confronted with sexual images.  Shop windows and displays surround children with a wallpaper of ‘sex sells’ media. The Sun, Daily Star and the Sport regularly feature front pages showing semi-naked women in provocative poses. Lads’ mags front covers regularly feature pictures of topless women with the briefest modesty bars. Tabloid headlines shout about sex, violence or both, often next to their pictures of semi-naked, sexualised women or ‘girls’. Women’s magazines consistently have sensationalised and often titillating rape and child abuse stories on their front covers. Other magazines repeatedly body shame women.

These products are usually displayed at child’s eye line, often right next to the comics and sweets that children are drawn to, using bright colours and easy to read words which catch children’s attention.

Child’s Eye Line UK is campaigning to stop sexualised, sexist and damaging images being displayed at child height in shops and public spaces. Grown ups can choose whether to access adult content…let’s protect children until they are old enough to make their own decisions.

Here’s some of our recent press coverage:

BBC Headline News: Tesco changes newspaper displays after Child’s Eye Line UK campaign

Child’s Eye Line UK on BBC News 

Start your own Child’s Eye Line campaign!

We have campaigns running in many towns so far. These campaigns were all started by parents who got fed up of repeatedly seeing porn/sexual imagery in public. We want every town in the UK to be family friendly and you can help to make that happen, just join the Child’s Eye Line UK campaign!

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